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About Us are based in Parramatta NSW and support  Actatek users throughout the Asia Pacific region. Unlike our competitors we only sell and support one brand of time clock and this ensures that our sales and support staff are product and application specialists.

We have been selling and supporting Actatek  products for 10 years so whatever your application we have seen it before and we are in a position to advise on the best model and the best implementation methodology for your business.

Our sales staff are experienced time and attendance consultants and you can rely on their expertise to find the best product fit for your business. It is their mission to ensure that you avoid the pitfalls of product selection and are happy with your product choice.

Our support staff are not just Actatek  specialist but they are also experienced IT professionals and time & attendance system integrators.

In today’s online sales environment it is tempting to find the cheapest product, hand over your credit card details, wait for the product to arrive and start using it. We expect to be able to do this and this works well with iTunes and DVD’s and mp3’s and the like but it does not work well with specialized products such as time clocks

We will not sell you a product without a support package attached. Modern electronic time clocks are complex devices. And they are part of your payroll preparation process - a mission critical element of your business. Other companies will leave you to sort out how to use your new product by using the manuals provided. We know from experience that this does not work for most buyers so we make sure that you have a support package that suits your level of expertise.  

More that 50% of our Actatek  support clients purchased their time clock from another supplier but came to us for support, training or installation assistance.  They would have saved time and money by coming to us in the first place. Studies show that almost 30% of time clocks purchases are never setup and another 30% of clients are not completely happy with their choice of product.  We don’t want our clients to become one of these statistics.                                       

Why we think you should deal with us…
…and this is why we think you should deal with us.