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ACTAtek Biometric Time Clocks are now in their fourth generation of production.  The latest models build on the existing field tested platforms of the former generations and now incorporates the latest achievements in biometric scanning, card reader access and network integration.

ACTAtek time clocks are capable of managing up to 20,000 employees  across multiple sites with the use of Access Manager Software providing a centrally managed employee SQL Database.

   Fingerprint image resolution:  500DPI

   False Rejection Rate (FRR): 0.01%

   False Acceptance Rate (FAR): 0.0001%

   Allowed fingerprint rotation: +/- 15 Degrees

   Matching speed: 0.05Sec

   Scanning speed:  < 1 sec

ACTAtek Fingerprint only model is based on state of the art 500 dpi Optical Fingerprint Scanning Technology. The Fingerprint only model also supports an optional built-in CMOS/Video camera that can take snapshots of accepted or rejected attempts and store up to 500 photos directly in the ACTAtek database for viewing via the web interface/browser.Also,you can connect ACTAtek Video camera Output to LCD monitor or DVR for all-in-one Video Surveillance solution.

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