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ACTAtek technical support staff are dedicated to providing fast response support services. We measure our support performance every day and we let the end users be the judge. After each support session you will be invited to complete a quick appraisal and give us feedback on our performance

Here is what they say…

“ It was my payroll day and I was very worried but you  resolved in less than 10 minutes… Thank You!  Denise H.

“ Very fast response times… its a pleasure to deal with local support providers “ Steve J

“ Great system…. Send an email to support and a remote session invite comes back in no time at all” Marie E

“ Its great to know if there is a problem someone is there to help who actually knows what they are doing.” Mel B

“ Product training was fantastic… you explain everything so well and were very patient”  Susanne L

All support should be like this! No waiting on the phone. No delays and IT Guys who just fix things.” Markus P

“Thanks Guys. You were right…. it was my router after all and not the clock after all. John D

Here’s what we say…

On average we handle 200 support calls per week in our national support centre. Feedback directly from clients is 94.59% positive, 5.41% Neutral and 0% Negative… we are working on that 5.41%!

Providing quality support is all about quality staff and that’s why we man the help desk with well trained product specialists who also have a broader IT knowledge. That means that we can quickly identify the issue even when it has nothing to do with our products and this is the case in 21.6% of support tickets. If the issues does not relate to our product we can point you in the right direction or , more often than not we just fix it for you anyway.

How do you access quality support services? Every new time clock is sold with an annual support agreement for a full 12 months

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