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Actatek 3 Time Clocks

Actatek 3 Time clocks     

Based on a very successful platform the 3rd generation of ACTAtek time clocks feature some significant improvements by utilising the latest biometric reader technologies. This provided a faster and more accurate biometric response.

The third generation ACTAtek 3 has a smaller more streamlined look but still retains the IP65 weatherproofing rating and inbuilt camera. The camera module too has been upgraded to feature video allowing a 10-20 second clip to be recorded with each clocking event.

Logiprint devices are still 100% compatible allowing user enrolment at your PC rather that at the actual time clock. This is a useful feature particularly when the application involves multiple clocks on multiple sites.

One major change is the introduction of a new Access Manager application which provides a centrally managed software platform to manage and consolidate all the ACTAtek 3 users and events. This program can manage up to 30,000 users and allows for full management and backup of your data.

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