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ACTAtek Access Manager Lite

Access Manager Lite (AML) is a server-based web application for the Actatek access control terminals. AML requires Microsoft SQL Server Express and the addition of SQL Server Management Studio is recommenced

The ACTAtek 3 can act in standalone or with many units in Network mode with the new program; Access Manager. This program was designed to consolidate users (employers) onto one software platform, regardless of the number of ACTAtek’s used on a network (Access Manager lite can only have up to 10 units connected). This program is able to hold up to 20,000 users depending on the storage space available on the server.

The Access Manager gives complete web based management to one or all of your ACTAtek units. You can gather information from any location, at any time, just by logging onto the browser via the web. Adding/Editing users becomes an easy process along with managing access groups/ Departments, open door times/ door & bell schedules, and creating reports.

Download Access Manager Lite 64 Bit

Download Access Manager Lite 32 Bit

Download Access Manager Installation Instructions

Download Access Manager Installation Instructions

Download Access Manager Quick Start Guide

Download Access Manager User Manual

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