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Time Clock Support

ACTAtek technical support staff in Australia know you are getting a little tired of support services hosted off shore.  We understand that it is frustrating trying to resolve a technical issue purely by email or with a technician who has no IT knowledge outside the product they support.

ACTAtek technical support are a little different. Sure , we use an email ticketing system as a starting point but that’s just to make sure you can quickly log a call that will be monitored by our automated systems to make sure that we comply with our own very high performance benchmarks.

Typically, it works like this…

You buy an ACTAtek  time clock from our sales staff and it works reliably for many years and you have no need to call our support team..

Sometimes it happens like this…

You buy an ACTAtek time clock and after some time you encounter a problem. You send an email to our support department where an automated system allocates a ticket to a product specialist who  sends you a remote session invitation by email and calls you on the phone.

The  issue is resolved while you watch on your PC. On average this happens within 2 hours and on payroll day with our standard PayDay Priority, it is likely to be resolved in 30 minutes.

If your issue does not relate to our product we will either fix the IT issue or point you in the right direction. We are able to do this because our technical staff are not just product specialists but IT professionals. If the time clock does need replacing for any reason we carry replacement stock and loan units for all ACTAtek time clock models.

Electronic time clocks are part of a mission critical system…your payroll. We take this very seriously and deliver a professional and responsive service.  If you have any queries regarding our services please call us on 1300 553 254 or email